Changes to Product Offerings

When we launched Cantaloupe Radio, we never intended to get into the repair business. Our core competency is in reverse engineering factory radios and designing kits to give them a modern rework. Soon into selling our first generation Bluetooth kit for the BMW CM5908 though, we realized a lot of the radios were in need of repair, and in order to get our boards out there, we needed to fix those radios.

Since opening up for repairs, it's become a sizable time slice of the business. This, of course, takes away time from what we're best at. In order to re-focus the business on product development, Cantaloupe Radio will be getting out of customer-radio servicing. Instead, we'll offer our Bluetooth kits in two forms:

  • As a self-installed kit, the same way we already sell here
  • Installed in a completely refurbished, turnkey radio with a core charge

We have partnered with a third-party refurbisher doing excellent work, and soon we will be able to start re-directing service requests directly to our refurbisher, so service will remain an option. In addition, our refurbisher will be able to fulfill our products directly for service + product purchases.

You can expect to see complete radios become available for sale here within a few weeks. As of now, we are not taking any more service orders. As soon as our refurbisher is ready to begin taking service orders, we'll begin referring to them.

We'll also be sending an email blast to our email list when radios become available and when refurbish services become available again, so sign up at the bottom of our homepage to stay informed.