Dashboard App

The Dashboard app allows you to manage your Factory+ kit wirelessly from a Mac or Windows laptop after the kit has been installed.


  • Connect wirelessly using Bluetooth
  • Change user settings that may not be accessible on the radio
  • Update firmware for new features and improvements
  • Collect diagnostics and submit bug reports
  • View general system info
  • Factory reset the device

The app is intended to be run on a laptop taken to the vehicle where the Factory+ kit is installed. Firmware files can be downloaded before leaving internet access, and diagnostics files retrieved from a device will be uploaded when the computer has internet access again and the app is running.


  • 64-bit Windows or Mac OS
  • Bluetooth 4.0 or later (most laptops from the last 10 years have this)


Download the installer for your OS:

 Mac: Download Dashboard v0.1.0 for Mac

 Windows: Download Dashboard v0.1.0 for Windows