Updating Firmware Using the Dashboard App

Factory+ kits support wireless firmware updates over Bluetooth from our Dashboard desktop application. This allows the unit to receive improvements and new functionality after it has been installed.


  1. Download and install our Dashboard Desktop App for Windows or Mac.
    You'll probably want to install this on a laptop - you'll eventually need to have the computer near the Factory+ kit to perform the update
  2. Download the latest firmware for your Factory+ kit from the table in the Firmware Downloads section below
  3. Go to the vehicle with the laptop
  4. Power on the radio
  5. Launch the Dashboard App. It will begin scanning for a nearby device, and should find it it within 2-10 seconds. Once connected, you should see some information about the device such as its serial number and firmware version
  6. Click the Update Firmware button and a file browser will appear. Navigate to the .crbin file you downloaded earlier from below
  7. Click Open and the update process will begin. The update can take 2-15 minutes to complete depending on the computer used. Progress should steadily increase on the progress bar
  8. When the update completes, the device will reboot and reconnect to the application, and you should see the new firmware version in the "Version" field. That's it!


Firmware Downloads

Product Latest Version Download Link
BA30 Series (BA31 & BA32) v0.2.7 CR-BA30-Firmware_v0.2.7.crbin