BA32 Factory+ Bluetooth Retrofit Kit - BMW CM5905 & CM5907 Radios
BA32 Factory+ Bluetooth Retrofit Kit - BMW CM5905 & CM5907 Radios

BA32 Factory+ Bluetooth Retrofit Kit - BMW CM5905 & CM5907 Radios

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Our BA32 Bluetooth retrofit kit breathes new life into your factory BMW CM5905 or CM5907 radio with modern features like Bluetooth streaming, hands-free calling, auxiliary input, and voice assistance. The plug-n-play circuit board replaces the factory cassette mechanism inside the radio, enabling a deep integration of audio functionality in a league of its own.

For a complete description of the functionality of this kit, have a look at the Owner's Manual.


  • High-fidelity Bluetooth music streaming wired directly into the radio - no tape adapters or FM transmitters here
  • Seamless connection experience
  • Hands-free calling with included microphone
  • Control music playback, answer and end calls, invoke your phone's voice assistant, and cycle through sources using the original radio buttons
  • 1/8" auxiliary input jack for satellite radio, legacy devices, etc.
  • LCD indicators for Bluetooth connection and playback state
  • Maintains all tuner (AM/FM/WB) functionality. Cycle through Bluetooth, AUX, and tuner sources by pressing the volume knob/eject button
  • 100% stock appearance
  • 100% reversible - no permanent or destructive changes required
  • Plug-n-play board requires only basic hand tools and an hour or two to install
  • Customize behaviors, update firmware, and more with our Dashboard Desktop Application for Mac and Windows


We design our Factory+ kits to be as easy to install as possible using basic hand tools. For the DIY installer, we provide a video demonstrating the installation procedures step by step:


If you'd prefer to have the kit professionally installed, and/or if your radio needs servicing too, you can have this done through our installation and service partner, OEM HiFi. For this route, purchase a kit directly through their site where instructions will be provided for radio mail-in.

Q: What is the difference between the CM5905 and CM5907?

The CM5905 and CM5907 are nearly identical in appearance in functionality. Both radios feature an AM/FM tuner, but the CM5907 also adds a weather band tuner. Thus, the top right button on the faceplate of a CM5905 radio is labeled "AM/FM", whereas it is labeled just "BAND" on a CM5907. For the purposes of our products though, the radios are the same.

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