BMW CM5908 Display+ Enhanced LCD Kit
BMW CM5908 Display+ Enhanced LCD Kit
BMW CM5908 Display+ Enhanced LCD Kit
BMW CM5908 Display+ Enhanced LCD Kit
BMW CM5908 Display+ Enhanced LCD Kit

BMW CM5908 Display+ Enhanced LCD Kit

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Our CM5908 Display+ kit takes the integration of our BA31 Bluetooth Retrofit Kit to a whole new level of feels-like-factory. Display+ is an optional add-on product for the BA31 kit that truly makes your CM5908 feel like it shipped with Bluetooth from the factory.

For a full description of the Display+ functionality, check out the Display+ section of the BA31 Owner's Manual.


  • Custom 3-section dot matrix display for rich text and graphic capabilities
  • Utilizes modern "Vertical Alignment" (VA) LCD technology to provide significantly improved contrast over the factory display.
  • Meticulously color-matched LED backlight for low-maintenance and reliable service
  • Anti-glare glass for maximum visibility
  • Enables a rich user interface for intuitively viewing Bluetooth connection, playback, and track information
  • Unlocks on-screen settings menu for customizing behaviors
  • Allows for enhanced EQ and sound manipulation features with our CM5908 Amp+ add-on
  • Software-controllable brightness via settings menu
  • Installs with basic hand tools - see installation tab for more details
  • 100% reversible installation - no permanent or destructive changes required


Difficulty (1-3): 2

The Display+ installation procedure is covered alongside the BA31 installation in the video below. Steps pertaining to Display+ are noted on-screen. The kit installs using just basic hand tools, however, there are 2 parts of the Display+ installation in particular that involve small and/or delicate connectors and cables that can be damaged if mishandled, which is why we rate it a 2 in terms of difficulty.

We recommend you watch the BA31 installation video below to decide if you feel comfortable assuming that risk.


If you'd prefer to have the kit professionally installed, and/or if your radio needs servicing too, you can have this done through our installation and service partner, OEM HiFi. For this route, purchase a kit directly through their site where instructions will be provided for radio mail-in.

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