BA31 Factory+ Bluetooth Retrofit Kit - BMW CM5908 Radio
BA31 Factory+ Bluetooth Retrofit Kit - BMW CM5908 Radio

BA31 Factory+ Bluetooth Retrofit Kit - BMW CM5908 Radio

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Our BA31 Bluetooth retrofit kit breathes new life into your factory BMW CM5908 radio with modern features like Bluetooth streaming, hands-free calling, auxiliary input, and voice assistance. The plug-n-play circuit board replaces the factory cassette mechanism inside the radio, enabling a deep integration of audio functionality in a league of its own.

For a complete description of the functionality of this kit, have a look at the Owner's Manual.

Want an even better experience? Check out our optional CM5908 Display+ Enhanced LCD kit for a cleanly redesigned LCD display that makes this radio feel like it shipped with all these features from the factory.


  • High-fidelity Bluetooth music streaming wired directly into the radio - no tape adapters or FM transmitters here
  • Seamless connection experience
  • Hands-free calling with included microphone
  • Control music playback, answer and end calls, invoke your phone's voice assistant, and cycle through sources using the original radio buttons
  • 1/8" auxiliary input jack for satellite radio, legacy devices, etc.
  • LCD indicators for Bluetooth connection and playback state
  • Maintains all tuner (AM/FM/WB) functionality. Cycle through Bluetooth, AUX, and tuner sources by pressing the volume knob
  • 100% stock appearance
  • 100% reversible - no permanent or destructive changes required
  • Plug-n-play board requires only basic hand tools and an hour or two to install
  • Customize behaviors, update firmware, and more with our Dashboard Desktop Application for Mac and Windows


We design our Factory+ kits to be as easy to install as possible using basic hand tools. For the DIY installer, we provide a video demonstrating the installation procedures step by step:


Cantaloupe Radio offers installation of the BA31 kit for a flat rate of $49 with our Professional Installation service, which covers installation of any number of Cantaloupe products (BA31, Display+, Amp+) as well as return shipping of the completed radio.

Radio Qualification

Cantaloupe Radio does not offer general radio repair services, so your radio must be in sufficient working order to be fully functional once the BA31 kit is installed.

What constitutes "sufficient working order"? At a minimum:

  • Radio powers on and accepts the security code
  • All buttons are functional (Numbers 1-6, 4-way pad, MODE, BAND, volume push)
  • Slider functional
  • Tuner audio can be heard cleanly from all 4 speakers with no humming, buzzing, popping, or other unintended audio defects heard through the speakers
  • LCD display readable

Once you have completed purchase, you'll receive an email with instructions for sending in your radio. Once we receive your radio, we have a turnaround time of 3 days or less. Tracking will be sent once your radio is on its way back to you via USPS.

Repair Services

If your radio needs servicing/repair in addition to installation, you can have this done by OEM HiFi. For this route, purchase a kit directly through their site where instructions will be provided for radio mail-in.

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