BMW CM5908 Amp+
BMW CM5908 Amp+
BMW CM5908 Amp+
BMW CM5908 Amp+
BMW CM5908 Amp+
BMW CM5908 Amp+

BMW CM5908 Amp+

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Amp+ is a one-of-a-kind, high performance audio upgrade for the BMW CM5908 radio that works with our BA31 Bluetooth Retrofit kit. An industry first, Amp+ replaces the factory amplifier assembly on the back of the radio with a redesigned amp like no other, turning this old radio into a modern audio powerhouse with specs outperforming even new high-end aftermarket units:

  • Flagship Texas Instruments Class-D amplifier with 35 watts RMS x 4 channels
  • 4V RMS RCA line outputs (4 channels + dedicated subwoofer)
  • Fully-digital signal path from BA31 to Amp+ bypasses all OE audio circuitry for pristine, hi-fidelity audio
  • 5-Band EQ, subwoofer crossover controls, and other audio DSP enabled
  • On-screen DSP tuning and controls with Display+, remote tuning via our Dashboard desktop app
  • Class-H power architecture and GaN FET technologies allow the amp to stay cool at lighter loads, reducing thermal stress, with the ability to dial up big power on a dime
  • Plug-n-play harness for the BMW E30 chassis

A complete overview of installation, functionality, and features are detailed in the Amp+ section of the BA31 Owner's Manual

Amp+ requires professional installation. Purchasing this product requires you to send your BMW CM5908 radio in to Cantaloupe Radio to have Amp+ installed. Please see the Installation tab for more details.

If you'll be installing this in a factory Premium-Sound E30 with a factory trunk-mounted amp, wiring adaptation is required before Amp+ can be connected to the vehicle. Please see our BMW E30 Premium Sound Amp+ Adapter Harness for a plug-n-play solution.

Amp+ requires professional installation. While the new assembly is plug-n-play, there are a few items that must be desoldered to remove the original amp assembly. The installation is still 100% reversible.

Cantaloupe Radio offers this installation service for a flat rate of $49 with our Professional Installation service, which covers installation of any number of Cantaloupe products (BA31, Display+, Amp+) as well as return shipping of the completed radio. If you're looking to purchase our BA31 BT kit, Display+, and Amp+ all together, please see our CM5908 Ultimate package which includes the installation fee. Only purchase this product (Amp+ alone) if you already have BA31 and Display+ installed.

Radio Qualification

Cantaloupe Radio does not offer general radio repair services, so your radio must be in sufficient working order to be fully functional once our products are installed.

What constitutes "sufficient working order"? At a minimum:

  • Radio powers on and accepts the security code
  • All buttons are functional (Numbers 1-6, 4-way pad, MODE, BAND, volume push)
  • Slider functional
  • Tuner audio can be heard from the front 2 speakers

If your radio does not meet these criteria, please reach out to OEM HiFi, our service shop partner that can handle repairs as well as sales and installation of our products.

Once you have completed purchase, you'll receive an email with instructions for sending in your radio. Once we receive your radio, we have a turnaround time of 3 days or less. Tracking will be sent once your radio is on its way back to you via USPS.

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