The BMW CM5908 is the flagship radio for Cantaloupe Radio. We offer 3 products for this model: a core Bluetooth retrofit product and 2 optional add-on products to further enhance the radio.

Beginning June 24, 2024, we will begin taking orders for our long-awaited Amp+, rounding out our trio of products. At this time, we will begin selling our products for this radio as 3 tiers, each building on the one before: Basic, Enhanced, and Ultimate. See the table below for features and price comparisons.

Package Basic Enhanced Ultimate
Package Contents BA31 BT Kit BA31 BT Kit
BA31 BT Kit
Bluetooth Music Streaming Y Y Y
Hands-Free Calling Y Y Y
Aux Input Y Y Y
Basic Playback Controls Y Y Y
Fully integrated User Interface N Y Y
Artist and Track Name N Y Y
On-Screen Settings and Utilities N Y Y
Audio Spectrum View N Y Y
Audio Output DSP N N Y
RCA Line Outs N N Y
Power Output 5 W/Ch 5 W/Ch 35 W/Ch
Amplifier Technology Class-AB Class-AB Class-D
Audio Signal Path Analog Analog Digital
Price $349 $499 $1049
Savings $30 $80
Professional Install Required No No Yes
Installation Charge $49 covers installation of any number of products