BMW E30 Premium Sound Amp+ Adapter Harness

BMW E30 Premium Sound Amp+ Adapter Harness

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If you'll be installing our Amp+ product into a BMW E30 that was equipped with the "Premium Sound" option that included the factory trunk-mounted booster amp, the booster amp MUST be bypassed before connecting Amp+ in the vehicle. In addition, Premium Sound cars were wired in such a way that there was only 1 wire per-speaker exiting the rear of the radio with a shared common ground, as opposed to a more conventional +/- speaker wire pair for each speaker. If your vehicle wiring has only 1 wire per speaker, this MUST be converted to 2-wires-per-speaker for Amp+ to function.

This plug-n-play adapter harness takes care of both of these with no cutting of factory wiring required. This includes:

  • Trunk-amp bypass terminator - this terminator connects to the vehicle harness plug that originally connected to the trunk amp. This terminator bypasses the amplifier and repurposes some of the existing wires to provide 2-wires-per-speaker to the rear speakers
  • Front speaker harnesses - due to the repurposing of wires in the chassis harness going from the radio area to the rear trunk, the 2 front speakers require standalone harnesses to be run from the radio area to each of the front 2 speakers. This kit includes both of these custom harnesses

Detailed installation instructions will be includes with the kit and uploaded digitally here very soon.

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